Michael Knighton Drawing Up "Hostile Bid" To Buy Manchester United

Michael Knighton Drawing Up “Hostile Bid” To Buy Manchester United

Michael Knighton Drawing Up "Hostile Bid" To Buy Manchester United

Former Manchester United director Michael Knighton has announced a “hostile bid” is coming to buy the club from The Glazer Family. 

The bid will be backed by a consortium which is hoped to be led financially by Man United fan and businessman Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

The current owners, The Glazer Family, are becoming increasingly under fire following an underwhelming transfer window in which Man United have only signed 3 players.

The Glazers bought the club in 2005 and have faced backlash from supporters ever since with lack of sensible spending and the European Super League being major gripes from the United fanbase.

Fans have protested against the ownership for several years with the latest occuring on Sunday where supporters marched from Media City to Old Trafford before seeing the club lose 2-1 to Brighton.

This was extra poetic as Avram Glazer was in attendence for the first time in 12 months.

Ten Hag can't save zombified Man Utd while parasitic Glazers profit from failure...

The Glazer Family have shown no signs of selling the club since the purchase in 2005.

Despite this, Michael Knighton, who nearly bought the club in 1989, announced a future consortium bid during an interview with Man United The Religion.

“We are a club in crisis and we all know the reason why. We have an inept and frankly useless ownership who know little about this game of football.

“Everyone knows that we need new ownership of this football club and that is my aim and those are my objectives. I am making good progress, continuing to talk to people, I have got some good pledges and good finance.”

Knighton added that the bid will be a hostile one as the club isn’t offically for sale;

“We are now working on the offer document. Remember, it is a hostile bid – that simply means that the club isn’t officially for sale but my intention is to present these owners with a legitimate, potent and commercial offer to say: “You have run out of road, it’s time to go.”

The former director of the club also stated how the fans have had enough of the current regime.

Knighton admitted that he doesn’t need to be the face of this consortium and said that Sir Jim Ratcliffe is cruical for this bid to work.

You can watch the full interview with Michael Knighton here on the Man United The Religion Youtube channel.


Are we nearing the end of The Glazers ownership?  Let us know you thoughts below. 





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