Why Nemanja Matic Must Start Against Spurs


The season is set to resume within the next week and fans can barely contain their excitement and inevitable depression when their team loses, except Liverpool fans whose joyous feelings will be tattooed over social media for decades to come. Man United’s first game back is a crucial one in the battle for Top 4 against Jose’s Spurs and many questions are arising on who makes the cut into the team, especially now everyone is fit.

However, it’s extremely likely that two of the traditional midfield three will be Portuguese new boy Bruno Fernandes and controversial talent Paul Pogba. This will be the first time these two will play together and with both being hailed in the top tier of Premier League midfielders, the middle of the park for United will be deadly if Fernandes and Pogba can click together. There are many factors to consider when trying to get the best out of both men but probably nothing bigger the third man in this equation.

Both Fred and Mctominay are very good talents and Red Devil fans know that and no one can deny the major strides both have made this season but neither Fred or Mctominay are out and out defensive midfielders that are needed in order to free Bruno and Pogba.

That man is Nemanja Matic. Cue hate comments. You may disagree but before the suspension of the Premier League Man United had injury problems in midfield and one man who stepped forward and put in a consistently solid performance week in week out was Matic. He had a job to do and did it well, which consequently lead to Bruno’s raved about performances.

In order for both Pogba and Fernandes to perform at their very best they need a defensive midfielder who will in effect free them up to attack and creative more. Nemanja Matic is an out and out defensive midfielder who has both strength and experience which will help United defensively.

Clearly, Matic is not the best at what he does hence why this position is highlighted for improvement on the transfer plans, but he’s a useful player to have, similar to Fellaini, which not only benefits United defensively but also attacking wise too.


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