Antony Accused Of Domestic Violence, Threat And Injury By Ex-Girlfriend

Antony Accused Of Domestic Violence, Threat And Injury By Ex-Girlfriend

Antony Accused Of Domestic Violence, Threat And Injury By Ex-Girlfriend

The following article contains description of sensitive and violent nature.

Manchester United and Brazilian winger Antony has been accused of domestic abuse by ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin.

As per ESPN Brazil, Gabriela has filed a police report against the player citing domestic violence, bodily injury and threat.

The report was recorded on Monday 5th June at the 5th Women’s Police Station in Tatuape, East Zone of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Details of the report are that Cavallin claims she was in a relationship with Antony for two years where she lived with him both in Amsterdam and Manchester.

As per the police report, the first attack is alleged to have taken place after the pair had split up at a nightclub party in Vila Olimpia in Sao Paulo in July 2022.

According to Cavallin, she was removed from the club by Antony, with the help of security, before getting her arm pulled by the player as she was pushed against a car.

Gabriela claims she was 17 weeks pregnant at the time before losing the baby later in the month however she doesn’t connect the attack to the loss of her child.

The duo then entered a second relationship in August 2022 where Cavallin moved with Antony to Manchester following the Brazilian’s £81m move from Ajax.

Further details from the report suggests the second attack happened in January 2023 and that Antony had attacked her for “reasons of jealousy” which caused the displacement of her silicone prosthesis, an injury that required surgery in Sao Paulo after two Manchester United doctors assessed her.

The surgery took place in April on 2023.

Two more attacks were reported by Cavallin, one of which was witnessed by a friend of hers in addition to Antony’s mother.

A photo of a glass cut finger was attached to the report, an injury claimed to be sustained from these attacks.

Later in the day, it is reported that Antony broke her phone so she could not use it to ask for help.

She left the scene five hours later after Antony’s physiotherapist took her to see a doctor.

The report further details a phonecall on the 20th May 2023 when Antony returned to Brazil stated that “if he saw her with someone, he would kill her”.

Cavallin informed the police of a fear she held that Antony had access to a firearm due to his “strong financial position” and that he “still has many friends in the community where he was born”.

Antony reportedly showed “emotional loss” and threatened to “kill himself” after fights between the couple.

Since 28th May 2023, Gabriela claims to have not been in contact with the Brazilian winger as the police have issued a request for “urgent protective measures” against Antony.

Both Antony and Manchester United are yet to comment regarding this situation

All details above are only that of the report Cavallin sent to the police earlier today.

An investigation is ongoing surrounding these allegations.


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