Opinion: Deciding The Fate Of EVERY Man United Player


In the absence of any transfer news, we are left to question our current squad and what should happen with each player. Whether they should be sold, kept, position changed or should just full blown retire, I will dive into each player current in the United ranks and decide IN MY OWN OPINION what should happen to them.





What a place to start. David De Gea’s number #1 shirt has never been under more threat. Last season saw the Spaniard make more mistakes than ever before and fans are beginning to question De Gea’s role in the club. We can’t forget the ability he has shown in previous years and I know we shouldn’t live in the past, but I still feel there is a place for David in the starting team. My view here is to keep De Gea in the starting XI for the first few months and then slowly ease him out the team for the following season. I’m sure not many will want to buy De Gea, so this is the best option regarding David De Gea.


Now we are easing De Gea out of the team, we need someone to replace him with. Enter Dean Henderson. The former Sheffield United keeper made himself known last season after being one of the best shot stoppers in the league. The young Englishman is the ideal keeper to come in and replace De Gea over the next season all before he officially takes the number one shirt off of David De Gea’s back.


Sergio Romero has been a fantastic second choice keeper for United and up until recently has been content with his role at the club. The Argentine was disappointed when De Gea was given the nod against Sevilla in the Europa League semi and might be looking for the way out. He still has a few years left as a top keeper so looking at the rest of the keeping talent in the club’s ranks, my recommendation would be to loan Sergio and let him play his next year in a team where he will play regular first team football.


Lee Grant signing two years ago was one filled with many questions and he is only seen as an option in case the goalkeeping situation hits the proverbial fan. Thank you for the few appearances you have made Mr. Grant but it’s time to go and get sold and end your career at a Championship club where you can help teams fight for promotion.


Joel spent last season in a relegation struck season for Scottish club Hearts and has been Mr. Loanee for United in recent years. Now is the time for Pereira to stick in Manchester and be the alternative option to either David De Gea or Dean Henderson. He’s a good keeper that will be key to United going forward is injuries start to strike in the goalkeeping camp.





AWB had a great first season at United pre lockdown but ended the campaign rough and vulnerable which causes many fans to question Wan Bissaka’s involvement in the team going forward. Some will want him to move to centre back, some will want him flat out replaced and some are happy with AWB. For me, I can see many years of success with Wan Bissaka at right back, so I say keep him at the right full back position and continue to develop the still young Englishman.


I’m a fan of Dalot but it’s clear that Ole Gunnar is not. Many times we have expected to see Dalot in the team but Ole has favoured others ahead of the Portuguese. It’s sad for me to admit but time is up for Dalot and now is the perfect time to sell him. With Everton sniffing around, United could get a good price for Dalot and then we can move on with our other options like youth academy’s Ethan Laird.


The Dutchman has come into his own since his return to the fold in recent months. If this article was being published pre lockdown then I would be saying TFM is off but after his consistency since being back in the team he is definitely a keep in terms of a bench option for Ole’s men. Fosu Mensah has had to wait a long time for his chance in this United team and now looks to finally be that time. Well-deserved for TFM.


As of writing this, we are just days remove from the controversy surrounding Harry Maguire’s arrest in Greece. While we all hope this blows over there is a chance this is far more serious than we think. However, talking on the pitch, I would take the captains armband off Maguire. This isn’t based on the situation in Greece, but I just wasn’t a fan of Maguire as an on-field leader. He was very passive when we conceded the second against Sevilla and that’s why he isn’t cut out to be the captain. As for the defender in him, I think this season we will see less mistakes from the Englishman and he will prove he is a title winning defender. A big season ahead for Harry Maguire for sure.


Victor Lindelof has had an interesting season and has been subject to a wide range of criticism for his defending this season. He is very inconsistent and if you asked me whether he is a title winning centre back then I would have to say no but he’s still a solid option. It’s hard to say what do to with Lindelof without knowing the what is to come in the transfer window. If we don’t sign a left footed centre back, then I would keep Lindelof in the team but if we sign someone then he can be a solid bench option for United.


Griffochaz is a huge fan of Eric Bailly but it’s been difficult to get behind him this season. When he’s not cashing in his loyalty points in the medical room, he’s playing position lottery at the back. In terms of his future at the club, I think the first team boat has well and truly sailed but he’s exactly the sort of centre back we need as either a bench or alternative option. When on form, he is a class centre back and needs to remain a Red Devil.


Christopher Smalling has been living it up in Italy for the past year and has transformed the ruins of Roma into a global force. His form has resulted in a lot of turned heads at United. However, cutting it in Italy is not cutting it in England and it’s time to make the loan deal a permanent one. He has been a good player for United but now is the best time to get shot of him while his form is attracting interest.


SELL. He has to go. No questions. Thank you for the memes but it’s time to get rid of Mr. Injury Prone.


I think Marcus Rojo wins the award for the player we most forgot still played for United. Spending his last season on loan in Argentina, those of us who remember he is still under contract at united thought he was a goner, but he seems to be back in the United fold. For me, I’ve never seen the hype of Rojo, and I would put him on top of the sell list for United. He is getting on a bit and needs to end his career in his home country.


Axel has been a young upcoming defender for a few seasons now, but his injury record is one of worry. We have seen a promising career haltered by injury for Eric Bailly and Axel Tuanzebe is going the same way. We wait to see what signing if any, United have up their sleeve but as things stand, Tuanzebe is a fantastic player to ease into the team as a cup defender and maybe after a sustained period in the cup team then play him in a few league and European games.


Do I like Luke Shaw as a left back? Yes. Is he a Champions League full back? Yes. Do I see Luke Shaw as a title winning defender? I don’t think so. With that being said, left back isn’t the position to strength so I would happily keep Shaw as a starter for United until we strength in other areas. Then maybe before we challenge for a title, he is replaced.


To conclude defenders, Brandon Williams has been a scapegoat this season. It was only October when Williams emerged and was hailed the future but now it seems those hopes have died down. Many will want Williams turned to right back but then he falls down the pecking order behind Wan-Bissaka, Ethan Laird and Fosu Mensah. My view would be to keep him as he is and continue his development as a left back.





Paul has been a scapegoat for United over the last few years but has a develop a thick skin due to that. The logical step for Pogba is to get the contract signed and continue to put him in the team as a first teamer. Maybe a vice captain role could do him some good as well but lets just get the that pen to paper please Paul.


Juan Mata has had a glorious career in England with multiple titles with Chelsea and many trophies with United. Juan is one of the nice guys in football but that shouldn’t shadow the fact that he is done at the top level. However, his next step is most likely Spain to end his career and that the deal isn’t expected to include much money. I reckon we keep Mata as a squad option so we can play him in cup games and some Champions’ League group games. He still has value in this side and keeping him for another year could help us if the you know what hits the proverbial fan.


Every time you think Jesse is done; he lures you back in. He has given United a lot over the last few years and his infectious personality lights up the dressing room, which is always key. In the interest of keeping Marcus Rashford from crying, I’d keep Jesse as a squad player. That might be controversial, but he wouldn’t go for much and if he can keep the morale high in the dressing room then he’s surely worth keeping. He can offer energy too and now he is sorting life off the pitch; he can hopefully sort out his football on it.


In the wise words of Justin Timberlake and his NSYNC boys, Bye Bye Bye. There is no place in this squad for Andreas and from what was a hot prospect a number of years ago is now a very large piece of deadwood. Pereira could do bits if he moves on, but he has to be sold as a top priority. Thank you for the rare memories but it’s your time to go. I wish you well elsewhere, Love you bye,


Fred’s name has popped up recently in the same sentence as leaving and Man United and if this is true it will be classified under “complete mess”. The Brazilian has had his best season in a United shirt and post lockdown form aside, he is exactly what we are looking for in terms of squad depth. Despite the temptation, Fred must be kept as a solid bench player. End of.


Bruno Fernandes won us Top 4. Plain and simple. Obviously, Bruno is a first teamer but I think he is built for the captain’s armband. I have previously stated that Maguire should step aside from the captain’s role for now and I think Bruno is the ideal replacement. Harry Maguire got the armband having only been at the club for a few months and with Bruno having a better start than any United signing almost ever, he has earned it. His passion and communication on the pitch is second to none and is ideal for the armband. Make him captain please Mr. Solskjaer.


Daniel James is his own worst enemy. His form at the start of last season put our expectations as United fans sky high and we quickly forgot he is a young player who was only meant to come in as a squad player. I’m a big fan of James and think he can be really good for United in the future however now he just isn’t up to it. I’d send him out on loan at a lower Premier League club and make sure he is a first teamer in there. That way he is improving while playing regular football. Let’s add a clause which means he can’t play against United once on loan because I don’t trust out fullbacks to deal with James’s blistering pace.


Nemanja Matic has quickly cemented himself as a first team regular at the club and with his new contract, the Serbian terminator is going nowhere. His future is plain sailing for me, allow Matic to be the main defensive midfielder for the next season and then the following campaign push him aside, for hopefully a better youth player or new signing, and let him run the last of his legs in cup and European games. Matic is a good asset and with his new contract is here to stay.


There’s not a player that screams loan more than Garner. He is a great player at youth level and could be a future England captain, no that’s not an overreaction. He won’t get anywhere near the first team this season so loaning him to a Championship club would be ideal. He may comeback and push for a starting place but for now, let him go and prove himself away from Old Trafford.


The imminent arrival of Donny Van De Beek has made this decision a lot easier for me so thanks Donny. Now we have actually signed someone, I know it’s great isn’t it, Mctominay can be sent out on loan to a lower Premier League club. This way he is playing on a constant basis and is developing his game. I’m sure many teams will be interesting in loaning the Scotsman so it shouldn’t be that difficult to do. Just make sure there is a recall at any time clause just in case we need him back to fill any voids in the midfield.





Many people think throwing shade and criticism the way of Martial after he just enjoyed his most successful season at Manchester United Football Club is the latest trend. It’s not, so stop. Martial is the man to take United forward as the main number nine for now and as we have seen over the past year, give the man the supply and he shall fill your demand. Not only that, he is an asset off the ball too, tricking defenders will fake runs and deadly through balls. He is as crucial as Bruno to the first team and any chatter of him being replacement can officially end as of now.


Marcus Rashford could write a 500-page autobiography on his past year on and off the pitch with a good 300 of those being focused on his recent trampoline form. One minute, he’s on form and we are calling him the best winger in the world, the next he is off and is cannon fodder. Having just comeback from an injury, it’s unfair to judge Rashford post lockdown and I believe with the right man behind him and the correct players around, he can find that magic once again. In the case of the Englishman, the more you play the more he improves so keeping him as a regular starter on that left-wing position is the best-case scenario. Then if he still feels a bit loose then we can easily replace him with another one of our star-studded forwards.


Well, Odion is leaving in January and is currently on loan so there is nothing we can really say about him other than to reinforce the point that no matter what, Ighalo is a bench player at best. He only starts in “easy” cup games and matches where Martial is either injured, suspended or really tired. Other than that, Ighalo must stay as the striker bench option.


Chong has already been loaned out to Werder Bremen which is the perfect place for the young Dutchman to hone his skills before returning to United to push for a starting place. He will come back better than ever and can easily cause Ole some much needed headaches over selection.


This whole paragraph is based on one deciding factor, Jadon Sancho. As are natural number seven hasn’t signed yet, we’ll judge on what we have now. Mason Greenwood is a must start. When others are poor, Greenwood is often the one that ups his levels to drag United through the game and his development will only continue to grow with regular football. Obviously, if Sancho joins then he starts, and Greenwood is pushed to the bench with him coming on at every possible opportunity and replacing any out of form player, no matter who.


Do you agree with my thoughts? Who would you sell and keep at the club? Leave below!


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