Marcus Rashford Asks Government To Reverse Free School Meals Decision


Marcus Rashford has been a beacon of light during lockdown from learning sign language to help present awards at a deaf school to becoming an advocate for free school meals during the pandemic.


The English international has penned a letter to the government asking for a U-Turn on the decision not to provide free schools meal vouchers for the summer.


During the pandemic, the government said they would support children in lesser situations by supplying them with free school meal vouchers in place of the food they would have had during term time. However, this decision has been reversed, stopping the vouchers for the summer.


Already during lockdown, Marcus has raised roughly £20m to supply three million school meals to the vulnerable during the pandemic. His work has been in partnership with FareShare UK.


The Manchester United forward used his own experience to write a personal letter to government regarding this situation. The letter is shown below


So who qualifies for these meals?


Around 1.3 million low income households based in England will qualify for these free meals. Low income is defined as a maximum of £7,400 a year after tax, benefits aren’t included.


Whomever qualifies, will be eligible until 31st March 2022.


The government said they expect schools to provide food for these students during Easter holidays and May half term, however not during the summer break.


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