Man United Appoint First-Ever Director of Data Science

Man United Appoint First-Ever Director of Data Science

Man United Appoint First-Ever Director of Data Science

Manchester United have appointed the club’s first ever Director of Data Science in aim to analysis data and bring success on the pitch.

Dominic Jordan will analysis indepth data sets generated from on pitch activities and will improve the connection between the stats and on pitch performance.

Jordan has an experienced background in data science, mainly in geospatial analytics.

United’s footballing director John Murtough spoke to the official Man United website on the new appointment:

“We already make extensive use of data to analyse players’ performance and physical condition, and to scout opponents and recruitment targets,” said Murtough.

“But there is huge potential to strengthen our existing capabilities, and build new ones, as part of a more integrated approach to managing and using data.

“This is not about replacing the human elements of performance and decision-making,” Murtough added. “Coaches will always draw on their knowledge and judgment, and players their experience and instincts. But these things can be complemented by smart use of data.

“Ultimately, it’s about ensuring that players, coaches and support staff are equipped with the best possible information with which to make the right decisions, quickly.”

Dominic, who came from a leading group of data scientists named N Brown Group, also spoke to the club site about his new role.

“I have seen first-hand how data used in the right way can transform organisations of all kinds. I would only take a role where the desire to use data to evolve and enhance decision-making comes from the top.

“So, to get the opportunity to do exactly that for the football club I love – well, it was a no-brainer.”

We will wait to see whether this appointment will help improve results on the pitch.


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