Is David De Gea’s United Career Over?


Man United have always had top class goalkeepers from Peter Schmeichel to Edwin Van de Sar and David De Gea is no exception.

The Post-Fergie Era will go down as the worst years for ‘The Red Devils’ but De Gea has been one of the few shining lights in that era. David De Gea became the first player to win United’s POTY in three consecutive seasons and is the only player to win the same award four separate times. He is also the undisputed Premier League goalkeeper of the decade. So, with all these accolades there is no doubting the quality of the Spaniard but with the emergence of Dean Henderson, is the writing on the wall for the United legend?

For a few years now David De Gea has started to faulter and mistakes have begun to creep into his game which has resulted in drop points for United. Whether it is a poor pass out or an easy save he failed to stop, De Gea is far from his best form.

However, this season I feel he has been at a two-year high and is consistently performing and the looking back at the goals conceded, you can’t really pin too many of them on the Spanish international.

So, what next for De Gea?

Well, the rise in Dean Henderson in the last year or so has put pressure on De Gea to improve his performances and this season has acted as a slow easing out of the team for David.

Reports are now circulating from Manchester Evening News that a “sizable section” of the dressing room is in favour of Dean Henderson becoming the full replacement for David De Gea and that he is believed to be on the way out.

This news was also accompanied by rumours that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer planned on dropping De Gea as far back as November last year before a strong protest by the Spaniard changed the mind of the boss.

A main critique of DDG is the astronomical wage he appears to be on, which is clearly not his fault but that does impact the decision around the keeping situation. It would be a lot easier if De Gea was earning far less but his salary means it is very hard to leave David as a second-choice keeper and makes it even harder to get rid in the summer.

De Gea is 30 while Henderson is 24 so there is no doubting that Dean has more longevity left in him and Ole clearly sees that as enough to make Henderson his Number #1, despite saying United have two #1’s.

Whatever your views are on the situation, no one can deny this is far from sustainable and one will have to go in the summer and with all that has come out over the last week or so, it looks like De Gea is the one that will be bidding farewell to the club he as become a legend of.

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